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According to Pro Football Focus, NE CBs, Jonathan Jones and Devin McCourty are the two best corners in the NFL—they’ll be defending their home turf against Giants rookie QB,

Daniel Jones, who has started five games less then Tom Brady has Super Bowls.

I’ll let that sink in…

First, I wouldn’t bet this game with your money. Usually, I snap up a 17+ point spread—except when New England is involved. And yes I am aware of the Shark’s Rule #1—if you have a rule with the odds on your side, never go against it.

Fine, call me a rebel, but I think this little nugget has a unique significance:

  • · In their last 18 games at The Razor, the Pats are 18-0 SU, 14-4 ATS—and have won those games by an average of 16.5 points.

Yikes! To this day--I’ll believe it until he retires—I think Darth Belichick is still cheating to gain a competitive advantage. Given how easy cell-phone technology has made clandestine filming of a opponent’s practices/signals/tendencies, and Belichick’s nefarious history, only a fool would believe he is not cheating.

But, even that conviction cannot negate the fact Belichick has no peer when it comes to recognizing talent to fit into his system, on both sides of the ball.

Most every year his draft classes grades are mediocre, yet he enters the season with one or two rookies who start and/or two or three second and third year players who have developed into reliable starters or often league bests—ala Jones and McCourty— at their positions.

17 points is a lot of Chalk to erase, but this one could get fugly fast. Saquon Barkley wants to come back early from a high ankle sprain…Saquon, buddy, don’t bother—the Pats are third in the league rushing.

We’re taking the Under—but wouldn’t place that bet with your money either.

Patriots 31 Giants 10

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