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  • Gary Porpora

NFL Week Three TNF

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4) vs. Cleveland Browns (-4) 38.5

I see this one shaping up as a typical AFC North rumble between rivals with recent and perpetual hatred woven through their historical fabric.

Here’s a .22 second clip--.22 seconds, why is that familiar? —clearly showing the major difference between 1970s NFL and the ballet called NFL football today.

First, how Terry Bradshaw did not end up a paraplegic, only God knows—but the clip proves what I have said for decades: Put your top Five QB GOATS on the field—Bradshaw had, at least, the second strongest arm, (Elway?), he could run for any first down Elway, Favre, and Staubach ever ran for. He called his own plays; in the biggest games he beat the most legendary teams the NFL has ever seen—and he was by far the toughest quarterback in NFL history—and he never cheated.

I bet even Cleveland fans cringe remembering Myles Garret barely avoiding a life sentence for the murder of Mason Rudolph…

Replay the clip from the :35 mark. Only by the grace of the same God, with a capital “G,” was Rudolph spared from becoming a human zucchini…By some miracle the blow was minimized when the padded part of the helmet—where it meets the back of the wearer’s neck—struck Rudolph, creating an almost glancing blow.

Otherwise Rudolph is in a coma…and then Garret played the race card…little bitch…

Let’s keep it Kosher, Steeler fans; our boys have never been angels, have they?

Even if the Steelers dominated Cleveland for much of this century, the hatred has survived.

Tonight will be no different.

Stats and Trends

Since 2017, ten games, the Spread for this game has been over 5 points only three times—the Favorite beat the chalk only once.

Since 2017…

· In Division Play Pittsburgh is 17-14-1 12th

· Cleveland is 11-20 28th

· As Home Favorites, Browns are 9-14-1 23rd

· As Home Team 16-24-1 30th

· As Road Dogs Pittsburgh is 15-8-0 9th

· As Underdogs 22-9-1 3rd

· After a Loss Steelers are 14-12-1 11th

· Cleveland After a Loss = 15-29 -1 32nd


These teams are not only reside in similar cities with perhaps the two most loyal/rabid fan bases in the league, they find themselves at similar crossroads as the 2022 campaign unfolds.

Both teams are awaiting the inevitable debut of what they hope will be their QBs of the future.

Right now Mitch Trubisky and Jacoby Brisset can be accurately described as question mark quarterbacks teetering on the high wire between the labels of “journeyman” and “late bloomer”—and one, or both of them, could meet their destiny tonight –as much of a must win game that a Week Three contest can be…

The Steelers let the Pats run through them for the final six minutes last Sunday and Pittsburgh fans better hope that was due to NE possessing the ball for nearly 35 minutes.

Remember the “pre-season” has been, intentionally or not, extended into the regular season—No team is in the shape they need to be in until the fourth or fifth week of a season.

Pittsburgh ranks 30th in the league in Opponent TOP%

The Browns are fourth. Add to that, the Steelers went to the cliff of overtime before beating Cincy. Belichick—a Cheater, certainly, but still a great coach—knew he would be playing a tired team in the fourth quarter.

It’s TNF. I’m betting Nick Chubb can’t wait until tonight’s final quarter…

Steelers ILB Devin Bush might be out with a sore foot. Just as he was starting to round into the form after an ACL blowout in 2020.

No T.J. Watt… a suspect run defense….Tension between the OC and QB…and a head coach who talks about not living in his fears, but is afraid to pull the trigger on Kenny Picket…

If I’m Kevin Stefanski, I run the ball until Pittsburgh stops me. I don’t think the Steelers can.

Without Myles Garret and Jadaveon Clowney, Trubisky might have time to hit a receiver more than his average of 4.8 yards down field—the question is, can he hit him in stride?

Even with a potentially great defense that can keep games close, Pittsburgh has too many questions about their offensive line, QB, and run defense.

The Browns will pound them into the ground—and win going away, Over the Number.

Browns 26

Steelers 17

But wait!!! If Tomlin gets fed up with singing along with Mitch, the Legend of Kenny Pickett begins with a monumental comeback---Steelers Win! Steelers Win!...(or more likely)...Steelers Cover! Steelers Cover!!

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