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Like any handicapper, I like going against the consensus especially when you got 70% of the public and a majority of sharks picking one way on the Spread and the Number.

The Spread started out at -4 for the Panthers; half the country jumped on and the bookies couldn’t find a Houston bettor anywhere.

The Spread ballooned to 8…

I checked four sites and all four predict Carolina is the pick’em winner, three sites have Houston covering the 8 point spread—and still losing the game.

Houston has serious quarterback issues. Accused of sexually assaulting more than one masseuse, DeShaun Watson is getting fitted for an orange jump suit. Backup Tyrod Taylor yanked a hammy in last week’s win.

Davis Mills will start for Houston.

Yeah, I asked myself “who da fack is Davis Mills” too. And I didn’t have the answer either.

Meanwhile in Pantherville, Josh Rosen is showing everyone his career ain’t over yet; he’s playing like an early 1st round pick

Matt Ruhle has his young team holding opponents to 190 YPG and 3.7 YPP. Okay, a two week sample doesn’t make a season. Yes, in Week One, the Jets were putrid on offense but the Saints were supposed to March into Charlotte and spank the Black Cats all over the field—and they had weapons to do it…

Final score: 26 – 7—and the Carolinas manhandled the Saints on both sides of the ball.

I’ll go out on a limb and say third a string QB is going to have a lousy night against the Panthers defense—no matter who da fack he is.

Panthers 27

Texans 16

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