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Well, let’s see…the GOAT—forgetting his documented cheating—with finally healthy receivers in Mike Evans and the notorious Antonio Brown…I won’t even mention Chris Godwin—all three are on pace for Pro Bowl years; a solid offensive line, and a decent ground game, against an inconsistent Eagles group struggling offensively with a new coach and QB.

What a tough decision...

I laugh when I read how Tampa doesn’t cover on Thursdays, and how Philly dominates. Bullshit! Two football teams that change significantly every year have to play a football game this year. They have no consciousness of their history, nor awareness of a trend, no matter how obvious said trend may be…

This, any, match up is independent of much of what handicappers see as important.

Neither of these teams has played a difficult schedule. The Eagles got beat by the Cowboys, 49ers, and Chiefs; they beat Carolina and Atlanta. The only quality team—if you don’t count Dallas in Week one—the Mateys played was the Rams who pounded them in L.A.

I’m taking Brady and his bunch to torture Eagles and their fans the entire night. Take the Under cautiously.

Buccaneers 33

Eagles 16

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