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3.5 45 [O]

The NFL’s worst division with a combined record of 5-18-1 for the year is up for grabs. The winner of tonight’s contest in Philly joins the Cowboys as division leaders with two wins.

It’s easy to dismiss the G-Men, Washington, and the Cowboys because their QBs are

  • Big Blue’s Daniel Jones who threw for only 112 yards last week and has thrown twice as many picks as TDs…

  • Washington’s, Kyle Allen—who recently replaced Dwayne Haskins, and was more recently benched for Alex Smith…

  • Dallas is hoping Andy Dalton will lead the Cowboys—with the NFL’s worst scoring defense—to the post-season while Dak Prescott recovers from a gruesome ankle break…

The NFC Least’s best QB by acclamation is now Carson Wentz who is 32nd in the league—way below the QBs already referenced—with a 58.7 completion percentage. His 71.2 QB rating nestles in at 30th; barely above Jones and just below Haskins.

Since Wentz isn’t statistically much better than his divisional colleagues, and his Eagles have 13 guys on I-R –including star RB, Miles Sanders, both starting tight ends, and WR, Alshon Jeffery, my astute readers may be wondering why I’m giving the points and taking the home team to cruise to an easy win.

Good question.

In the last two weeks Pittsburgh and Baltimore eked out razor close wins against these Eagles; quite frankly they could have won either game against legit Super Bowl contenders

NY and Philly pressure the QB well, but Wentz has found a new receiver in Travis Fulgham, the Eagles; in their color rush black uniforms, have never lost--and in the last five years they're 9-1 against the Big Blue.

Bald Birds talon the Giants at will. We’re playing the Over.

Eagles 26 Giants 21

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