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Admit it, yours truly wasn't the only NFL fan hoping, praying, and wishing the NFL would gloriously chug along with the true American pastime...Tip-toeing through the Covid tulips...

All of a sudden eight people in the Tennessee Titans organization test positive for Covid; as a result, their Sunday game against Pittsburgh is postponed. No matter how they slice it, Roger Goodell and the owners must now face the real possibility, the season might have to be cancelled.

No, I'm not panicking--but I am a realist..

Sure, the NFL might finagle a way to use bye weeks to shift games from one week to the next. I mean, it's only Week Four, right...

Only thing, it won't be Week Four in November or December. What if one or more games are cancelled in Week 14 or Week 15...? What if one of those teams ends up playing only 15 games? 14?

How is playoff seeding determined?

Consider also what if the Week Nine divisional game between the Saints and Bucs must be postponed for Covid reasons? Those two teams will be fighting for some wildcard positioning.

The Holy Men and the Mateys are divisional rivals; what happens to playoff seeding if they can't fit in that game a in a later week?

If a bye week isn't in one or both teams future, what happens to all the teams who will have already made the playoffs or teams vying for the playoffs?

Every scenario guarantees one thing: There will be chaos.

The reality is, there will be a "point of no return" that could force the league to consider a team's playoff worthiness even if they've played only 14 or 15 games. What if a team that made the playoffs--God forbid--experiences an outbreak? Who replaces that team? How is that replacement determined? What if an outbreak comes during Championship weekend? During the break leading up to the Super Bowl?

More chaos...

It should have been determined, once all teams were declared Covid free, they must be held accountable if their team suffers a new breakout. That means a team must forfeit games if any members of its organization violate protocol.

Any other solution is unworkable--maybe any solution is.

I wonder how long it will take Roger and the owners to face that reality.

Thursday, October 1


Denver Broncos @ New York Jets (+2.5) 41 8:20 p.m (U)

Two of the NFLs most banged up teams begin Week Four in the Big Apple looking for a little love.

Denver will take the field with its best defensive player, Von Miller, and starting QB, Drew Lock, roaming the sidelines, watching rookie QB, Jeff Driskel, try to play competitive football, without starting wide receiver, Courtland Sutton, and RB Phillip Lindsay, another starter.

Those are only a few injuries Denver have endured.

The Bronco’s hurting offensive line hasn’t protected their QB at all surrendering more than 4 sacks per game and generally exposing their QB to a three-hour torture session.

Vic Fangio’s defensive scheming has kept his Broncos in a couple of games and Denver is a stellar 10-3 on TNF. His ace in the hole is third –string QB, Brett Rypian who started a controvery in the Mile High city with a respectable relief performance against Tommy Boy and the Bucs.

Meanwhile, in New York, Adam Gase is feelin’ the burn. His Jets scored all of 34 points in three games and have barely been competitive. Add to that Gases’ surly performances in front of the New York media, and you have the ingredients for the ol’ bye week pink slip.

Gase’s players came to his defense this week, his team is playing at home. If Denver can’t rush the ball—remember Lindsay is out—they’re in big trouble..

Just a feeling, and the pandemic pic is the Home team advantage during a short week. I’m thinking the Jets back up their talk and turn down the heat on their coach.

The Under is a Premium play.

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