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Thursday, Dec. 9

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) 43.5 O/U

Is it better to have a slightly less productive defense than your opponent--like the Vikings have compared to Pittsburgh? Or…

Is it better to have a slightly more productive offense than your opponent—like the Vikings have compared to Pittsburgh?

The answer is, it really doesn’t matter. 2021 has been, by far, the weirdest year in terms of parity.

At first blush, we want to snicker at the Vikes for losing to the Lions last week on Jarrod Goff’s last second touchdown, but we’ve watched Detroit play on Sunday Ticket and got to see Pittsburgh gag on themselves when all they could do was manage a sister kisser at home against the Lions.

Our conclusion: Detroit is a tough, hardnosed football team and only Jarrod Goff’s inescapable mediocrity has prevented them from 3-4 more wins. Of their ten losses only three were by more than 10 points.

Last week Pittsburgh’s defense came alive like the sons of Frankenstein and scared anyone watching that the perennial playoff participants could make another post-season run.

Uh...No—they can’t…

Neither can the Norsemen…

The two teams exemplify the weirdness of the 2021 NFL, the rampant inconsistency, the capricious Covid effect, flat awful officiating; declining stadium attendance, political intrigue, the relentless injuries—and the NFL’s subtle, yet undeniable embrace of all aspects of gambling.

The Patriot’s dominated Buffalo three days ago. Matt Young threw three passes for 19 yards!

Another horrifying chapter in the Jekyll and Hyde story of Darth Belichick’s nefariously brilliant career.

A month ago The Jags nicked Buffalo in a 9-6 barnburner…

It might snow in Phoenix next week.

Tonight’s game defies prediction---but I won’t let that stop me.

Here are three from me:

· Steelers MLB Devin Bush who all of a sudden can’t tackle a decrepit nun, or cover a tight end on crutches will have a pick-six, a forced fumble and his first sack of the year…

· Kirk Cousins will catch a touchdown pass

· Dalvin Cook, wearing a shoulder brace will rush for a buck-eighty…

One thing we’re pretty sure of: the potential psychological mind fucks—a possible Steelers let down from their victory over Baltimore last week, and a repeat of Minny’s choke job against Detroit--will miraculously cancel each other out.

In a very entertaining TNFer, the Steelers Jeff Boswell wins it with a late field goal…

Unless the refs blow another one…

Both defenses stink enough, to make two sputtering offenses look like the greatest shows on turf.

We’re making the Over our Totals play of the week

Steelers 26

Vikings 23

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