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Happy holidays everyone!

Just doesn’t ring true, does it?

· My kids can’t come down because of The Trump Virus

· The Steelers can’t run the ball…

· I’m not making lasagna this year…

Maybe I should stop whining and count my blessings…I am blessed with a family who all love me and I am joyous from having my wife returning to America after 11 months in China due to Trump’s idiocy.

This woman is amazing and I am looking forward to 14 days of quarantining with her--hot sweaty quarantining—in fact, I am happy to say we will be quarantining for the rest of our lives.

I’m a lucky man to have a woman so sweet she brought giant boxes of N95 masks and surgical gloves and alcohol wipes because “the Chinese news said Americans need them.”

This is a tough Christmas to celebrate for too many of us—sometimes it’s good to be lucky.

Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays…

Now, onto the important stuff—my weekly ATS picks. Due to the holiday, I’ll keep the analyses short and, hopefully, as sweet as my wife…


WEEK FIFTEEN ATS 8 – 7 – 1 2020 Overall ATS 112 – 109 – 3

Weekly Totals 4 – 3 Cumulative Totals: 42 – 52 – 4

Weekly Specials 2 – 1 – 1 Cumulative Specials: 32 – 28 – 2


UPSET SPECIAL 5 – 10 O/U OF THE WEEK 9 – 7 – 1

PREMIUM PICKS 6 – 4 – 1 CUMULATIVE 74 – 80 – 7



TENNESSEE TITANS (10-4) @ GREEN BAY PACKERS (11-3) -3 55.5 [O]

This baby could come down to the field goal Vegas chalked it out to be. But this is where Rodgers shows he is superior to the Ryan Tannehills of the world.

As constructed, the Titans plan on bashing MVP—and deservingly so—candidate, Derek Henry down every opponent’s throat. When he is successful, so are his Titans. When teams key on the former Alabama Slammer and hold him to under 100 yards, Tannehill has not consistently shown he can put the Titans on his back and carry them

Aaron Rodgers has feasted on poor pass defenses and Tennessee’s is lousy. The top ten Packers pass defense, should be able to allow their front seven to stop Henry, then force Tannehill into the game-changing mistake.

Green Bay’s top ten running game will deliver if Tennessee focuses on stopping Rodgers.

We’ve been riding Rodger’s and the Pack all year and aren’t about to stop now…Play the Over…

Packers 31 Titans 26



Mike Tomlin is starting to annoy me. I’ve given him every benefit of the doubt even when AB was shaming himself and the organization—but I think the coach was lying when he said he didn’t know about JJS Schuster’s dancing on opposing teams logos until just this week.

Bullshit! Coach, c’mon, if you didn’t know you are blind or clueless, if you did know and didn’t see the parallels to the AB fiasco—then you are blind or stupid. We both know you have 20-20 vision and your language skills alone belie any proximity to stupid.

Coach T needs to learn when to point a finger in someone’s face and lay down the law—and I don’t want hear any of that, “today’s athletes are different, you have to treat them like men”—yeah, until they start acting like selfish adolescents.

This game is a Lock for Indy because Pittsburgh has the look of a tired depleted team—they are probably both. When a 3-4 defense loses it signal calling star ILB, then loses his back up, who was playing superbly, that defense is going to suffer badly.

When a team can only run the ball under 30% of the time and is lousy at doing it, Jesus Christ playing QB, won’t scare a passing defense—even a mediocre one like the Colts.

And Big Ben is no Jesus Christ.

The main reason the Steelers are about to lose four in a row—their old and injured O–Line.

Fans can slam Tomlin for locker room issues or for time management gaffes—although he is not as bad with the clock as some fans think—but this years Steelers have gotten old at QB and O-Line and endured injuries to the lines and linebackers.

Sometimes it is that simple. Mike Tomlin doesn’t deserve to be on any “hot seat”. Getting 11 wins out of this team is almost as impressive getting eight victories from last year’s squad.

The Horseshoes will stuff the box like a Christmas Goose and dare Big Ben to beat them. Phillip Rivers has just enough of a running game behind him to be effective through the air even against the game Pittsburgh defense.

We’re calling the Under.

Colts 30 Steelers 10



I liked the way Cincy approached last week’s Steelers game, and I have no doubt they’ll lose this game—but not by 9 points. We jumped on the early line in this one and weren’t impressed by any of the U-Dogs this week.

Nothing more complicated than our feeling Cincy will stay within the Chalk. Were going with the Over.

Texans 27 Bengals 23


CHICAGO BEARS (11-2) @ JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (2-10-1) +7.5 47.5

I’m not buying Mitchell Trubisky’s sudden transformation into Joe Montana, but I am buying that the Jags are a bad football team, one that could be hoping Trevor Lawrence is available when they draft.

You don’t think they would play like a JV high school team to get the first draft pick, do you?

Do you?

I do…

Bears 30 Jaguars 12

My picks are below in bold italic…

Week 16

Friday, Dec. 25 (Christmas)

Minnesota @ New Orleans -6.5 51 [O] 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 26

Tampa Bay @ Detroit +7.5 54 [U] 1 p.m.

San Francisco @ Arizona -2.5 45 [0] 4:30 p.m.

Miami @ Las Vegas +2.5 47.5 [O] 8:15 p.m.

Sunday Dec. 27

New York Giants @ Baltimore -11 45 1 p.m.

Cincinnati @ Houston -9 46 US [O] 1 p.m.

Chicago @ Jacksonville -7.5 47.5 O/U 1 p.m.

Atlanta @ Kansas City -10.5 54 1 p.m.

Cleveland @ New York Jets -10.5 47 1 p.m.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh +2.5 44.5 LW [U] 1 p.m.

Denver @ Los Angeles Chargers -2.5 48.5 4:05 p.m.

Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle -1 47.5 4:05 p.m.

Carolina @ Washington -2.5 44.5 4:05 p.m.

Philadelphia @ Dallas +1 49.5 4:25 p.m.

Tennessee @ Green Bay -3.5 56 GW [O] 8:20 p.m. (SNF)

Monday Dec. 28

Buffalo @ New England +4.5 46 [U] 8:15 p.m.

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