• Gary Porpora


Updated: Oct 29, 2021



Sometimes a quick look at efficiency numbers and league stats pretty much make a great match-up look pedestrian—or a tough call look easy.

I made a lot of money on the Pack last year because, just like almost every year, Green Bay has a shot—a good shot—as long as Aaron Rodgers is on the field.

Yes, he is that good; yes, he has almost always been that good.

But the Arizona Cardinals have never been as good as they are now.

Even where the Packers excel—YPPass, completion%, 3rd down conversions, turnover stats, sack% on both sides of the ball—the Cardinals are better…Both teams rush defenses are awful, but Arizona’s rushing game is Top Five.

That means the Kingsbury Dough Boys are more balanced offensively.

Even Rodgers can’t protect himself or catch the ball himself; his favorite lineman, David Bahktiari and go to receiver, DaVante Adam’s are out. The Redbirds will take the field without All-Pro J.J. Watt. I’m betting they’ll still pressure Rodgers.

Giving the Rodgers led Packers six+ points is seldom the wise choice, but sometimes wisdom is overrated.

We’re calling the Under…

Cardinals 27

Packers 20

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