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Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints +4.5 47

Short and sweet due to to preparations for the impending move to Riverside...

The Cowboys and New Orleans struggled the last few weeks because Zeke Elliot and Alvin Kamara have been nursing injuries. Both teams feed off their ground games offensively.

In Dallas, Dak Prescott hasn't been the efficient ball protecting QB we've come to know, and a strained calf has made his accuracy an issue.

Down in the Bayou, Sean Payton is in danger of losing four in a row.. His response--go with Taysom Hill instead of Trevor Simian. I don't think that's going to work out the way coach Payton thinks. His team's stars at wideout and RB are sidelined. Hill can't win it on his own.

Dallas gets Cee Dee Lam back and Elliot practiced all week.

The Saints defense has been disappointing in a year they were supposed to be great--they rank a respectable 12th in the three major defensive categories--scoring, YPG and YPP-- but they haven't carried an offense in transition the way the experts thought they would.

Dallas has a linebacker named Micah Parsons who has shown flashes of Lawrence Taylor in the last couple of weeks. He'll have a breakout game tonight.

Dallas in a rout, Under the Number.

Cowboys 29

Saints 16

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