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NFC South

Division Rank in NFC - #6 Overall and #3 in the NFC

Best Ownership… Glazer Family

Best GM… – Jason Licht – Tampa Bay

Best Coach…Bruce Arians – Tampa Bay

Best QB..Sam Darnold – Carolina Panthers…(Just kiddingJ)—it’s Brady…

This and about four other divisions will be a much easier call. Unlike the NFCN, where the teams below the leaders still have a fighting chance, the NFC South boasts the SB Champs and GOAT QB, cheating aside, Tom Brady.

A clear favorite to be the first repeat champs since Darth Belichick and the Cheaters in 2004, Tampa has the consistency from top to bottom—management, coaching, and ownership, not to mention the division’s best talent. In the season opener against Dallas, the offensive line allowed exactly no grass stains on Brady’s jersey—the defense let Dallas have whatever they wanted—they’ll have to be better to get that repeat ring.

The Saints are in a transition period from Drew Brees and their excellent offensive line and HC, Sean Payton, will keep the Beatified Ones competitive. Last year, New Orleans receivers were badly bitten with the injury bug, yet Alan Kamara still had 17000+ yards in total offense and the defense surrendered the 2nd fewest YPG and YPP.

The problem is Jameius Winston or Taysom Hill are the QBs vying to start, and some rumblings out of the Bayou predict HC, Sean Payton, will use both depending upon how each game unfolds.

If either Hill or Winston shows they belong or if the tandem concept works, New Orleans will compete with anyone including the Champs…

In Charlotte, second year owner, David Tepper, brought in Matt Ruhle then signed Sam Darnold to erase the memory of long gone, Cam Newton. The Panthers are young. Rhule impresses with his success at every prior level; his players love the guy, but he needs more talent…

If the Black Cats win more than six games, they will have had a decent year.

Matt Ryan is going to have a tough time getting that Super Bowl ring he should have earned in the 28-3 lost SB against Darth Belichick and the Pats.

The Falcons drafted very well addressing needs on the OL and defensive backfield, but Arthur Smith, former Titans OC, can’t fix every hole on his new team..

The man only has eight fingers.

The first year for new a new HC is tougher. Absolutely everything has to go right for the Falcons to compete for anything but pride. New terminology on both sides of the ball, uncertainty among veterans as to their near term and long term status with the team, and, depending on the talent inherited, what kind of “system” to install—are just a few obstacles new coaches have to hurdle before they get to game planning.

I like Arthur Smith’s getting Dean Pees for DC—but to make any defense excel, you need the horses and nobody in the Atlanta stable scares any offense.

It’s a two team race in the NFCS.


Division Winner – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wild Card – New Orleans Saints

Best Super Bowl Futures Bet – New Orleans Saints +4000

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