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Kirk Cousins has to prove he can win under the bright lights of prime time and when it counts the most. Aaron Rodgers proves it every time he gets into a big game.

The better coach in this match-up might be Mike Zimmer, but Matt LeFleur’s job was to let Rodgers be Rodgers and he has definitely achieved that goal.

In terms of QBs and coaches—which is our go to criteria in big games to decide division titles or playoff position—we’re pretty much even for this match up..

These two teams know each other intimately. We’re betting on a close one with Green Bay walking off after a field goal with a narrow win.

One thing, neither of these squads is making a deep run in the playoffs. Look a at the NFC North’s schedule—against the awful NFC East and the AFC West, where only KC is a quality team. The NFC Champion will be coming from the West.

The Over is a cautious play here

Packers 26 Vikings 24



The Ravens are as close to lock to go to the Super Bowl as any team this century—including all editions of the Cheaters. They are balanced almost perfectly. Their offense and defense complement one another; on offense the Magpies are as lethal through the air as well as on the ground. The cherry on that delicious combination—their coaches adapt to adversity as well as any staff in the league.

Oh yeah, did I mention Lamar Jackson?

Maybe Pittsburgh could pull off an upset with miraculous defense—if they qualify for January football. San Fran has the running game and defense to make a Super Bowl close; maybe the Arrowheads could win a shootout.

And that concludes our rundown of teams that have a shot at derailing Jackson and the Ravens.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland….Bwahhhhhahahah. You would think Jimmy Haslam would have a clue—he once was part owner of the Steelers—or some wisdom of the Rooneys would have rubbed of on him.

Yeah, Freddie Kitchens is an inspiring guy…Jeeez, could Haslam have made a worse choice?

We’re taking the Over in this baby because Cleveland has been so awful and Harbaugh wants to avenge the Week Four beating the young Browns administered to his murder of Crows—in Baltimore, no less.

Unless they don’t need a victory against the hated Steelers next week to secure home field, Baltimore won’t be losing another game this season.

God, would I love to be wrong.

Ravens 33 Browns 21



We’ve won ten times this year betting on Arizona as underdogs; home, away, night, day—It don’t matta!!!

Don’t get the Gairzo wrong; I love the Gulls to death. I think with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, Seattle can beat anyone---except maybe the Ravens,

The Cards have had a knack for staying competitive; we think they’ll keep that train runnin’. And, I think, like the Buffalos, the Pittsburghs, and the Tampa Bays of the NFL universe, the stars are aligning in the Desert for a long-term change of fortune.

I love the way Kliff Kingsbury is handling Kyler Murray and I thought Vance Joseph was a superb choice for DC.

Notice the Rooney formula is still the most common method of hiring head coaches

for the long term.

  • · Find a wunderkind on one side of the ball. (For the last 20 years, it’s been offensive gurus due to the unlevel playing field against the defense)

  • · Hire a great coach dedicated to the other side of the ball. Better if he is youngish and already had a HC shot.

  • · Give your new HC time to get his people and his players to play his style of football—BE PATIENT…

Russell Wilson would be a lock for MVP in a normal year. Lamar Jackson has made 2019 wonderfully abnormal, unpredictable and fun. Even though he is a corpse sucking, scavenging, Raven, Jackson is the most entertaining player since Mahomes.

Pete Carroll won’t lose this game, but the Cardinals will keep it close enough to win the smart bettor some money.

Play the Over at your own risk.

Seahawks 27 Cardinals 24



I have to wonder just how unwatchable this game might be

Since Joe Mixon has started being the back he was drafted to be, the Bengals should be able to score a couple touchdowns.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is capable of getting on a hot streak and very well might throw for three scores.

I don’t think these two teams care what team wins this game—they both care who loses.

Bengals 27 Dolphins 22

NFL Lines For Week 16 - 12/21 2019

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total

12/21 1:00 ET Houston -3 [O] At Tampa Bay 50.5

12/21 4:30 ET At New England -6.5 [U] Buffalo 38.5

12/21 8:15 ET At San Francisco -6.5 [O] LA Rams 45 12/22 4:05 ET At Denver -6.5 Detroit 38.5

12/22 4:05 ET At LA Chargers -6.5 Oakland 45.5

12/22 4:05 ET At Atlanta -7 Jacksonville 46.5

12/22 1:00 ET New Orleans -3 At Tennessee 50

12/22 1:00 ET Washington -2.5 At NY Giants 42 50

12/22 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -3 At NY Jets 38.5

12/22 1:00 ET At Miami O/U PK Cincinnati 46.5

12/22 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -7 Carolina 46.5

12/22 1:00 ET Baltimore LW -10 [O] At Cleveland 49

12/22 4:25 ET Dallas -3 At Philadelphia 46

12/22 4:25 ET At Seattle US -10 [O] Arizona 48.5

12/22 8:20 ET Kansas City -5.5 [O} At Chicago 45

12/22 8:15 ET At Minnesota -5 [O] Green Bay 45

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