• Gary Porpora



Thursday, Nov. 4

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons (+7) 47

Short and sweet, tonight—very tired and stressed out…

For all his cheating—three separate incidents—to gain a competitive advantage, Bill Belichick is as good as there ever was at picking players to fit his system, and consistently fielding a team that has invested into that system.

Also, even true football fans might not know, during his tenure at New England only five Belichick defenses failed to make the top ten in scoring defense. Most were in the top seven.

Nothing in the statistical universe even remotely suggests the Birds of Prey have a shot in this game. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what all the Sharks said last week about Miami in Baltimore and the Lions in Pittsburgh.

Okay fine, Atlanta has a chance—my call is the Patriots in a rout. Play the Under.

Patriots 36

Falcons 10

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