• Gary Porpora



First thing the stats sheets show us is the Cincinnati Bengals under Zach Taylor have been steadily improving—on both sides of the ball—since his 2019 debut.

It doesn’t hurt his Bengals have pulled off three B+, or better drafts, especially last year when the finally snagged a 1st overall, elite, blue chip quarterback in Joe Burrow—who promptly blew out his knee and is still recovering from the damage.

Burrow can still make every throw, has great vision, can run from pocket danger, and will put Cincy in playoff contention for the next 15 years.

Defensively, Lou Anarumo, fields a top 8 defense; last week, they manhandled the injury plagued Steelers in the trenches from snap one.

The Jaguars will enter a Jungle that promises to be hostile, with question marks on the coach’s commitment, at QB, and on defense.

The only enemy the Bengals still must conquer is themselves. They also got beat up last week in a typical AFC North brain buster against Pittsburgh. Then a couple of their players called the Steelers quitters…

Over-confidence is a hell of a drug.

Our bet is on Taylor ripping that needle from the Bengals arm and keeping his boys focused.

This one feels like an exclamation point game, during which the Striped Cats punctuate the statement they made last week at Heinz Field.

Won’t be close; play the Over.

Bengals 33

Panthers 16

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